What is donalive application? Donalive is an  social media application which helps its user to showcase his/her talent and earn real money.

How the money is earned through the Donalive  application?

There is target number which is shared to a user by their agency owner. Once the user achieves the target the associated money attached with that target is transferred to his/her bank account directly after deducting the TDS.

How do I achieve my target?

A user must install the Donalive application on his/her mobile and register themselves through a registration form. Once the form is approved by the donalive backend team, they user will get a specific icon on his/her profile which shall be a notification that their profile has been registered and can do the broadcasting. Registration is mandatory to achieve target.

What is coin?

Coin is a medium through which gifts can be sent to a broadcaster. Coins need to be purchased through IAP. Available options though which coins can be purchased is PayTM, , Paypal & Cashfree. There are various charges for the various quantities of the coins.

What is diamond?

Diamond is a medium through which a broadcaster receives the gifts sent by the sender. In a simple language, for a sender sending takes place through coins and for receiver the same coins convert in diamond and add in broadcaster target.

What are all sender levels?

There are 130 levels to cover divided into 13 groups. They shall be tagged with the group name and group icon. The Senders will get XP points upon sending the gifts to the broadcaster. More details can be seen inside the application.

What are broadcaster levels?

The receiver will get XP points upon receiving the gifts from the senders. There are 100 levels to cover divided into 10 groups. They shall be tagged with the group name and groups icons. More details can be seen inside the application.

What is XP points?

Each user whether sender or receiver is entitled for XP points in the application. Each coin sent or received is equal to specific number of XP points for the both sender and receiver. More details can be seen inside the application.

What is star point?

Start point is a mechanism which will define a broadcaster stat for the current day. Higher the star points better the reputation in featured list in the application.

What is data privacy of user?

Your data’s privacy and security is our top priority. With proven network security components in place to ensure the highest security for your data, you can rest assured. This includes physical security practices (like 7x24x365 security, video monitoring, bio-metric access, bullet-resistant walls), network security (encryption, intrusion detection/prevention), people process and redundancy/business continuity.

What are code of conducts on Dona Live?

“Code of Conduct” for broadcasting/hosting for users.

  1. Touching under and over clothes.
  2. Showing public hairs and showing erection.
  3. Broadcast in semi-nude.
  4. Touching private parts.
  5. Woman in bikini.
  6. No broadcast while bathing/driving/surfing.
  7. Porno talk/Homo-sexual/Kissing/Mutual seductive.
  8. Playing porn movie & sounds.
  9. Drinking alcohol on broadcast.
  10. Broadcasting copyrighted material & live events.
  11. Showing weapons.
  12. Harming self and others on broadcast.
  13. Showing infant and private parts.
  14. Broadcast or dancing in naked.
  15. Asking for payment on other medium for porn.
  16. Broadcasting if below 18 year.
  17. Taking drugs/alcohol/smoking on live broadcast.
  18. Playing gamble on live broadcast.
  19. Making seductive sound/moaning and abusing.
  20. Selling coins and posing as dona Live employee.
  21. Abusing dona Live staff and company.
  22. Abusing other companies and staff.
  23. Sending other members porn or video messages.
  24. Talking bad about politics and religion.
  25. Talking bad about other nation flag or monuments.
  26. Insulting other nation and caste.
  27. Burning object on live broadcast.
  28. Doing advertisement on live broadcast.
  29. Black screen on broadcast.
  30. Sleeping on the broadcast.
  31. Promoting other competitive and non-competitive application on live broadcast.
  32. No promotion of gender discrimination and insulting third gender.

In case of violating the rule and breaking “Code of Conduct”, there will be directly ID banned for 24 hours for first time. In case the violation of the rule is reported again then in that case the ID shall be banned for lifetime, which shall be irrevocable by any mean. If the ID is banned for lifetime the broadcaster will not be entitled for payment for that current month for the completed target if any.

What is OnDemand checkout function?

Ddonalive  gives options to its user for checkout function. A registered broadcaster can use checkout function at the target level of 40,000 | 1,10,000 | 3,00,000. More details can be found inside the application.

What is diamond converting?

Diamond converting refers to the function where a broadcaster can converts the received diamonds to the coins. The converted coins can be used to perform various task like gifting other friends, buying VIP, buying privileged ID or entry effect.

What is diamond cash out?

The decision is being made on the overall process. Please stay tuned and check for this space in few days.

I am under 18, can I join this application?

No, we do not accept the application from anyone who is below 18 years of age. If found anyone who is below 18 years the ID shall be banned and device shall be restricted.

What is host/sender/agency?

Host also known as broadcaster or talent is the person who performs the broadcasting. It can be male/female or transgender. Host is paid by the donalive  in return of completing their target. Sender is the one who send the virtual in app gifts to the host or broadcaster or talent. Sender is paid 2.5% of overall sending in the current month by the donalive  Agency is the entity which hires host for the application and helps them in achieving the target.

What are donalive platform guideline?

Please visit to  https://donalive.com

Is there any social media page of donalive?

Yes you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for the latest update and promotions.
https://www.facebook.com/donaliveofficial /

How to get support if I face any issue on the application?

There is a support page inbuilt inside the application and can be used for the various kind of support functions i.e. Account/Broadcast/Abuse & Inappropriate Broadcast reporting/Recharge or feedback and suggestions.

How can I contact ddonalive  directly?

You can mail us at contract@donalive.com or can use contact form at 

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